On/Off-Highway Transmission Repairs

We supply the highest quality in the repairs to all on/off-highway transmissions. With a comprehensive repair service, we look to assist you in the maintenance and improvement of transmissions. On top of this, our goal is to ensure that your vehicles provide you with the best performance possible.We can guarantee you an abundance of mobility in terms of the lifespan of your vehicle. Moreover, the service life will be improved, with a decrease in the need for repairs. This is down to our ability to enhance the vehicle health from the first repair process.

Our repairs to all on/off-highway transmissions allows us to take better care of other parts of your vehicle. When the transmission is working at the most optimum level, the steering systems and axels condition is also improved.

Vortex guarantees that our team of experts will have your vehicle transmission system at the best standard possible. We have the machinery and knowledge required to allow for a total refinement of parts.

Contact us today and feel free to ask our team for any information regarding our repairs to all on/off-highway transmissions.

Depending on your needs we can provide you with an array of types of unit repairs. This includes partial repairs, fault repairs and complete overhauls.

With this, we have the capability of providing a full clean and diagnostic test. Each component of the transmission can be analysed and assessed in order for all faulty and repair parts to be removed. This could be anything from bearings and seals which simply old and frayed.

After our repairs to all on/off-highway transmissions we will test the transmission to ensure it is in the best possible working order. This reduces the level of risk that an be associated with a damaged or weak transmission system.

Failure in the future can result in a risk to the safety standard set by vehicles.

If you require the installation of new products we are able to assist. Furthermore, Vortex will provide you with the necessary sensors, torque converters and converter lockup clutches for all constriction machinery transmissions.