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Whether concerning a commercial vehicle or heavy buses and trucks, paying attention to regular transmission repair and maintenance is about more than keeping vehicles operational, safe to use, and road worthy. Considering the cost of repairing, rebuilding, and maintaining transmissions for any type of vehicle on a regular basis, it is easy to see why so many people tend to leave things too late.

The truth of the matter is that an unstructured maintenance schedule will cost you a lot more in the long run, will significantly shorten the use you get out of the vehicle, and renders it unsafe to use.

There are many reasons why a lack of maintenance or repairs have a negative impact on your vehicle, but let’s look at the positives by showing you some of the benefits to regularly servicing your transmission systems.


If skipping out on maintenance is something you do to save money, you should look a little more to the long-term.

Minor repairs and maintenance do come at a cost, but it is a cost that pales to the expenses you will need to face if you have to outright rebuild or replace an entire transmission system that could have been saved months ago.

The longer you leave a problem to worsen, the more expensive these repairs will likely become in the future. So, to maximise on long-term savings with regards to your vehicle, transmission repairs and maintenance should be seen to as quickly as possible.


Regular maintenance and repairs will ensure the continued lifespan of your transmission systems, and the right attention can add years to their operation.

Subsequently, this will take strain off many other components in your vehicle, which in turn will ensure that you get far more years’ worth of use out of it than you would without regular servicing.

This will also have a positive effect on the vehicle’s resale value at a later date, if you are looking to sell it on at some point.


Fuel economy accounts for much of the ongoing costs associated with any vehicle, and it is no secret that strained components will lessen the efficiency of the vehicle. This means that over time it will become a guzzler, which is bad enough for commercial vehicles.

For those vehicles often found in the transport and logistics industry, this means that operating costs will soar as you require more and more fuel for basic functionality.

On the flip side, a well maintained, optimally working transmission system will facilitate better fuel economy, resulting in long-term savings on costs.


Since transmission maintenance and repairs generally come standard with thorough inspection and testing services, conducting them regularly will help you identify potential problems with components before they become too severe.

This will allow you to deal with these issues before they become a major expense, while also allowing you to take a more planned approach to the downtime you suffer as a result from the need for repairs.

For businesses, this is a big deal, since time is money. And being able to prepare your operational schedule around necessary downtime, will ensure that you lose minimal amounts of both.


A discussion on the condition of vehicle components cannot be complete without saying something about safety. Any faulty component is a hazard to the safety of drivers, passengers, or even loads being carried by the vehicle, and in this regard, it is always better to be sure.

So, to protect yourself, your drivers, passengers, the vehicle itself, and many other potentially hazardous factors, regular transmission maintenance and repairs are an absolute necessity.


There are countless reasons why you should always stay on top of adequate transmission maintenance and repairs, you just need a team who can help you get the best results, at the best possible price.

If you would like to know more about our offers on these repair and maintenance services for all types of vehicles, be sure to visit the Vortex Transmissions website for details.