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Our dyno testing service allows us to measure the force and torque or power of any vehicle. The dynamometer ensures that the power which is produced by an engine, motor or coating prime mover is calculated. The torque and rotational speed will also be measured which will provide statistics on the level of power of a vehicle. It is also beneficial in the fact that it provides the right data to see if a vehicle is operating at the correct level. Furthermore, there is the ability to now see if the vehicle needs to be repaired or can be improved in some way. This allows Vortex the opportunity to ensure that your vehicle is working in the most efficient way possible.

Pumps can also go through dyno testing as it allows for the measurement of power and torque from driven machinery to be measured. In this instance we will utilize a driving dynamometer.

That which requires the need for a driven design will utilize a passive dynamometer. If you require that which will absorb, you will require the use of active dyno testing.

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Road loading will be tested through the use of the system and dyno testing will also provide information on  tests which focus on engine development. We also provide valve body calibration tests which ensure that the control center of the  valve is working at an optimum level.

The investigations is able to look into the precise points where parts or systems can be improved. Furthermore, both combustion behavior and tribology can be supplied.

Vortex is then able to see the different pressures which combine to ensure that the engine is running smoothly. It can also analyze where certain pressures can be improved.