Understanding common transfer case problems

When it comes to off-highway vehicle drives, it’s essential to have a reliable partner who provides new or exchange units, components, clutches, genuine transmission spare parts and repair kits. That’s why you can always count on Vortex Transmissions.

Generally, most off-highway equipment operates on dirt roads. As a result, transmission power must be directed to the rear and front axles by a transfer case. So, let’s take a closer look at the transfer case.

A transfer case is attached at the transmission’s rear and splits the power to the respective axles. It contains bearings, seals and gaskets, gears or chains, and driveshaft yokes. In addition, most transfer cases have a clutch. As a result, certain conditions allow decoupling from the front axle.

Transfer cases are relatively small compared to other components but are crucial to distributing power. Any transfer case problems can impact the entire drive train, possibly disabling the vehicle. These are the possible causes for transfer case issues.

  • Lubricants in housing gaskets, seals and bearing retainers could leak and lead to shifting problems and low oil levels.
  • Stripped gearing, splines, or broken chains can result in improper transfer case However, check that the transmission functions as expected before dismantling the transfer case.
  • The noises that transfer cases make vary based on road conditions and speed. It’s crucial to ensure it’s not a different part of the drive train that causes the noise. A whining noise generally indicates a low oil level or worn bearings, while a grinding noise could be due to a worn drive chain or gears.
  • Sometimes gear disengagement occurs due to a problem with a specific gear, including a worn clutch pack for the impacted gear.
  • If you experience hard shifting, it could be the result of a bent shift lever or linkage. If shift forks inside the unit are bent, they’ll need to be replaced. Alternatively, readjust the shift lever and lubricate it.
  • Occasionally you may experience a shudder during acceleration. This is indicative of worn clutches and gearing problems.

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