Preparing your vehicle for DYNO testing

Dyno testing provides an excellent way for vehicle owners to get the most out of their cars in several ways. Firstly, it gets you into direct contact with the performance capabilities of your vehicle by testing its limits; and secondly, it allows vehicle owners to tune their vehicles to enhance performance.

As an effective way to get more out of performance vehicles, you will want to achieve the most accurate and reliable results from your time on the dyno, and the best way to do that is to show up prepared.

So, here’s how you can do that:


Your vehicle will be pushed to its limits during dyno testing, so to ensure that it can perform at its peak, you should strongly consider freshening up those parts that give it the required resources.

Start with your plugs, it is always better to have fresh ones, are the appropriate type for your car, and that they are properly gapped.

Another important consideration to make is the condition of your fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters are fresh and clean. This will ensure that your car can make the most of its resources when gauging performance. The same can be said for having fresh oil in the engine.


Hoses and belts should be given special consideration before dyno testing. If their condition is even slightly off, it is best to rather replace them with newer ones.

Remember that the dyno is going to put a remarkable amount of pressure on your engine, and if any of these components are out of shape, they may not last the session.


Dyno testing takes measurements from where the tyres contact the dyno’s rollers, so to get the best readings, you want tyres that make the best contact. An effective way of ensuring this is by fitting your vehicle with performance tyres.


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