Automatic transmission repair requires skill

When it comes to manual and automatic transmissions, each has its own pros and cons. However, automatic transmissions are more complex and require specialised skills to repair.

Automatic transmissions select the gears on their own based on the revs of the engine. There are two types of automatic transmissions: traditional automatic and dual-clutch automatic.

Driving an automatic car often feels easier since the driver doesn’t need to change gears, and with only two pedals, it’s considered more comfortable to drive. In addition, automatic transmissions are generally low-maintenance and offer greater performance.

So, why do automatic transmission repairs require a skilled specialist?

Automatic transmissions are more complex than their manual counterparts. This is because they contain more moving parts and unique components. As a result, automatic transmission repairs often require more replacement parts, labour, and specialised skills.

Common automatic transmission repairs

Transmission is a critical system in any vehicle, and it’s essential for a skilled specialist to assist with automatic transmission repairs. Replacing an automatic transmission could cost more than replacing an engine, making it crucial to ensure it’s always in top working condition.

Delay in gear change

A delay when shifting into ‘drive’ or ‘reverse’ or if the car doesn’t engage at all, the transmission fluid may have become degraded, or there could be a computer system problem. A company like Vortex Transmission can inspect your vehicle and provide automatic transmission repairs and supplies.

Grinding and vibrations

Automatic transmissions are meant to operate smoothly and seamlessly, shifting from gear to gear. However, grinding or shaking when a gear is changed is a clear indication of trouble. Damaged gears will get worse over time, so it’s vital to book your vehicle in for automatic transmission repairs.

Unusual noises

Strange noises from underneath your car could indicate transmission trouble. Different sounds, like whining, clunking, and humming, all have different causes. Look into automatic transmission repairs as soon as possible.

Burning smell

Overheated fluid could cause a burning coming from your transmission and could lead to a complete transmission breakdown. The specialists at Vortex Transmission can inspect your vehicle’s fluid level, look for leaks, and provide any necessary automatic transmission repairs.

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