Vortex Automatic Transmission services

Vortex Transmissions has built its service offerings up based on our experience and specialist expertise. We offer reliable services to power your passion. These services include dyno testing of Allison and Funk transmissions, Allison transmission valve body calibration, repairs to all on/off-highway transmissions, and repairs to Chelsea power take-offs (PTOs)

Dyno testing

Our dyno testing service allows us to measure the force and torque or power of any vehicle. The dynamometer ensures that the power, which is produced by an engine, motor, or coating prime mover, is calculated. The torque and rotational speed will also be measured, providing statistics on the power level of a vehicle

Pumps can also go through dyno testing to measure the power and torque from driven machinery. For this, a driving dynamometer is used.

Valve body calibration

We use the highest form of testing to provide you with the most precise valve body calibration. Moreover, we can simulate the process taken from the valve body. This is done in automatic transmission and helps to find the direct source of system issues and problems. As a result, valve body calibration ensures Vortex Transmission can find and replace the correct parts.

On/off-highway transmission repairs

We provide the highest quality in the repairs to all on/off-highway transmissions. Through a comprehensive repair service, we can assist you in the maintenance and improvement of your vehicle’s transmission. In addition, the transmission’s service life will be improved with a decrease in the need for repairs. Vortex Transmissions guarantees that our team of experts will have your vehicle transmission system at the best standard possible.

Chelsea power take-off repairs

Repairs to Chelsea PTOs ensure that you can achieve your goals. This includes the ability to enhance and develop the best power take-off systems for your requirements. We look at what you need to supply you with the best system possible. Vortex Transmissions guarantees that your application needs for different angles will be done correctly with a low-cost approach

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